Casual Work Outfit!


Hi all, today's post I would like to share some news that I have a real job as marketing and sales support (finally working in a great place with a great position and a great team indeed), and and my lovely boyfriend has been proposed me!!! So yes I am a lucky girl and blessed! I feel like a princess now hahaha

Okay back to fashion, recently I always try to get inspiration like what to wear to work, so this time I am wearing casual look for work with classy vintage scarf. I like this style a lot especially the way I wear my scarf. I am kinda wear it this way now almost everyday. What do you think about it? I hope you all like it and perhaps gives you an inspiration too!

Spring is here!


Hi all! Finally, I could catch up with my blog after super busy weeks last month. I applied a job last month (let say something like an internship) and the week after I got accepted and have to start the next day. So it's been crazy month for me especially with the new routines and blablabla. I am happy though especially with this job and new routines that I found it's very interesting! Anyway, spring is also coming in the Netherlands. I love to see a lot of flowers on the street and the most important I don't have to wear thick winter jacket anymore! I can start wearing t-shirt, my cozy pants, and casual looks. So this post inspired by spring weather and my new job hehe. I wear strip blouse with grey t-shirt underneath from Zara. I love them!!So comfy! Then I combined it with vintage bag from Pierre Cardin, my old jeans that I just cut the bottom part a bit short to make it into my size (you can see it) and yes my office shoes from 5th avenue. For final look, I put my trench coat on from WE. OMG! My first trench coat ever and I am freaking love it!!!! It's a gift from my lovely bf for my birthday. What do you think the look guys? I hope you like it :)

Vintage Sweater


Yes I am in love with this vintage sweater from my mommy. I got it before I left Indonesia to study in Tulip country (the Netherlands). I found it like last year and I just realized that it's really warm and cute too. I remember that my mom was really try her best to find a sweater for me in Yogyakarta (where we live) cause we never buy any sweater (I mean we are living in warm country anyway) and she found this one. Then, I try to mix it with denim and heels. I love the result!! It looks vintage but chic in the same time. I also add the vintage bag to give the more vintage atmosphere. I think the sweater like this is really cute to combine with jeans or even skirt. What do you think guys? I hope you like it :)